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Sealing waxes are used for decorative sealing letters, wedding invitations, or bottles for a little extra flair. These sealing waxes are meant for letter sealing or flat stamp sealing. They may crack if they are used for sealing bottles.


These sealing waxes are paraffin free and are made with beeswax and polymer. They are flexible enough to not break in the mail and retain the stamped shape beautifully.

2 sealing bones are enough for a 1" stamp. A jar or bag of 50 bones will get you between 16-25 seals. The bones can be broken in half or cut in half for easier mixing of colors.


Please note that the actual colors may vary due to screen resolution differences and lighting. I have provided two photos for bright lighting and dim lighting scenarios to try to accurately display the colors.

Sealing Wax Bones

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Excluding Sales Tax
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