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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment options?

Shadowflame Creations accepts all major credit cards, Venmo, Facebook Pay, Paypal, and more. If you do not see your preferred payment method listed at checkout, please contact us so we can verify if your payment method is accepted or to arrange an alternative payment method.

Do you offer gift cards?

We offer e-gift cards now! These gift cards work similarly to coupons and discount codes and can be sent to a recipient's email address to be used at checkout for a credit on those purchases! Find them here:

What wax do you use?

Shadowflame Creations uses 100% soy wax for our products. This is due to the clean, slow burning that this wax provides, as well as the ecological benefits of using soy over paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is a petroleum derived product and it is toxic to many animals, and can even be harmful to people. It is also not a renewable source. Soy wax is derived from soybeans and is renewable and healthier for you and your home. The soy wax that we use is derived from USA grown produce which helps support farmers and businesses within the USA as well. 

What fragrances do you use?

We use fragrances that are eco-friendly and green! We review every SDS before purchase of a fragrance to ensure it is on par with our brand, which is why we have chosen the green/eco fragrances. If a fragrance lists any carcinogens, mutagens, or ecological hazards we do not purchase them for use with our products. We want to ensure we are not exposing our customers to potential carcinogens or toxins when it can be entirely avoided.

How do I get the best/longest burn out of my candle?

For the best burn out of your candles, please ensure that you trim your wicks to 1/4". This prevents unsightly mushrooming on the wick which can contribute to an uneven burn and can cause smoking from carbon buildup on the wick. You will also want to ensure that votive candles are burnt in a votive container, otherwise they will spill over and make a mess of whatever surface they are being burnt on.

In addition to this, it is best to burn your candles until they have created a full melt pool. This means an edge to edge burn. With soy waxes this can take some time, so be patient. Not waiting for a full melt pool before extinguishing your candle can lead to tunneling which leaves an edge of unmelted wax along the sides of your containers. 

Also, remember to extinguish your candle when there is 1/4" of the wax left at the bottom! This is to prevent the jar or tins from overheating and causing heat damage to the material or the surface it is being burnt on. In glass containers this is where many tend to fracture or crack - when the candle is not put out when 1/4" of wax is left at the bottom. 

Why is the top of my candle bumpy and uneven?

If you purchased The Explorer Collection, this could be the result of gemstones underneath the wax. Otherwise, this is a natural feature of some soy waxes and is the result of the wax cooling at different rates. It will not affect the burn time or overall life of your candle at all. Softer soy waxes are more prone to this than pillar soy blends as they have a much slower cooling rate.

How do I get all of the stones out of The Explorer Collection candles?

There are a few different methods to this. My favorite is to wait until the candle extinguishes itself and pour the liquid wax out onto a stack of folded napkins or paper towels. You can throw the paper towels away and have an easier cleanup. Alternatively, you can let the wax harden and treat it like a dino-dig excavation set! Once the wax hardens you can scoop out the solid material and go through it for your gemstones. Soy wax is soft and easy to mush around and it washes away easy with soap and water.

Do you offer other Shadowflame Creations Merchandise?

Shadowflame Creations has a RedBubble account! You can find various items using our designs here: 

I'm a huge fan of the Shadowflame Creations Explorer Collection Apron and T-Shirts myself. :) 

Do you wholesale?

Yes! Please contact us if you are interested in wholesaling. 

We also do wedding candles and custom orders too!

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