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Exciting Updates Coming

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday! We hope the new year has been treating everyone well so far. While we are in the process of creating a new shed workspace in this new year, we will also be transitioning away from using Shadowlight Creations as our business name and will be using Shadowflame Creations instead! The amendment paperwork has been issued and we are just waiting on finalization and acceptance.

We will be changing the website domain to and our social accounts will soon be updated to match as well. A new year, and a fresh start with the new work space seemed appropriate. Shadowflame also ties in nicely with our logo being an owl in the shape of a flame. We look forward to bringing everyone more updates in our new workspace and this business transition, and we should be issuing another shed update video on our tiktok and instagram accounts soon!

The new email contact address is which will be updated on the site shortly. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Happy New Year! Damon Phelps

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