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Loss of a Pet & Subscription Updates

Losing loved ones is never easy. We recently lost our 52 year old African Gray parrot, Mac. He was my personal bird, loved pistachios, causing mischief, hanging upside down in his cage, and clanging together cups and spoons when he decided it was time for more treats. We did what we could to try to make him comfortable, but in the end it was more humane to let him go. We have our linktree set up to accept tips or donations to go towards his vet bills from making him comfortable before his passing and anything extra donated over the cost of the vet bills will be going to Ziggy's Haven Parrot Sanctuary as Mac was rescued from there and they've been nothing but helpful and kind through all of this.

We will be working on a memorial scent for Mac with some of his favorite things, like pistachio, incorporated into the fragrance. If you are interested in a memorial scent (either Mac's or a custom one for your own lost loved one), please reach out and we will do what we can for you.

We are slowly working on updating our monthly subscription options for August. If you would like to vote on what you would like for wax melt scents, signature candles of the month, and our sticker of the month then now is the time to do so! Eggies: 1 Sticker of the month - The current Leading Option is the Owlaxy watercolor piece as a sticker or the Calla Lily piece. Hatching: 6 scents still need to be chosen. Current suggestions: Caramelized Praline, Banana Nut Bread, Fallen Leaves, Black Cardamom & Cream, Blueberry Cobbler, and Oakmoss & Amber Nestling: 1 4 ounce candle Current Consideration: Leshy Fledgling: 4 candles, 4 ounce size. Current Consideration: Grim Reaper Florina Faery Dullahan Griffon Feel free to make suggestions as these are not currently finalized yet. Thank you all. Give your pets all the love. -- Damon Phelps Shadowlight Creations LLC

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