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March's Monthly Subscriptions

Good morning everyone! It's a new month which means new options for the monthly subscriptions have been posted!

First up I would like to say that our Sticker Subscription, "Eggies", is now live! So far this is our least expensive subscription and the sticker changes every month.

March offerings!

2 Sweet Orange Sriracha

2 Caramelized Praline

2 Spiced Honey & Tonka

2 Neroli & White Jasmine

2 Peach Nectar

2 Black Raspberry Vanilla

Cerena (Spiced Honey & Tonka with Smoked Oud) - Coloring Page Included!

Florina Faery - Strawberry Cinnamon Roll Scented

Cerena Faery - Spiced Honey & Tonka with Smoked Oud

Bristol Faery - Black Raspberry Lemongrass Scented

Dryad - Rain Water, Fallen Leaves, Cedarwood Blanc

Each wax melt or candle subscription will also contain the sticker of the month. For this month, the sticker is of our Tulip Jar Watercolor Painting!

As we don't have that many monthly subscribers we will be sending these out as soon as subscriptions are made! In the future, we will implement a deadline as our subscribers grow. For now, once you place a subscription order we will get it made, packed up and in the mail for you to enjoy! Typical lead time is 1-2 weeks.

We will be doing a blog post every month to update the current fragrances for subscriptions, as well as updating the listings. Thank you all!

Please let us know what other things you may be interested in as a subscription, or what fragrances you'd like to see in next months offerings!

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