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March Updates

Good morning lovelies!

We've had some exciting updates this month that I wanted to take a few moments to highlight.

New Products!

We've added some new products this month, including Cerena Faery, Krim Faery, and a 17.5 ounce glass status jar candle.

Cerena faery is a beekeeper faery scented with Spiced Honey & Tonka and Smoked Oud. This delicious blend is perfect for a sensual night in, a warm kitchen fragrance, or for when you want something sweet but sensual and smoky too. She's named after Apis Cerana, a type of honey bee!

Krim faery is our gardener at Blue Bonnet Ridge! Despite his physical disabilities, he works hard and loves what he does. This candle is scented with rosemary sage, tomato leaf, patchouli, and fireside. It's a mouthwatering, herbaceous fragrance that I think works wonderfully in kitchens or for that garden lover who wants a breath of herbs nearby at all times. Krim's artwork was modeled after Ukraine's flag, using their national flower for the yellow segment, and 20% of the sales of this candle are being donated to Razom's emergency relief fund! You can find out more about this fund here:

Last but not least, our 17.5 ounce status jar candles! These hefty candles have an impressive burn time of over 120 hours. They're made with all natural soy wax and maintain the carcinogen free fragrances. We will not be coloring these candles (unless it is requested) due to the clear glass highlighting any frosting that may occur with colors. Natural soy waxes are prone to frosting, and the darker the color the more noticeable it is. The classic white look of these candles makes them look nice in any room, plus once the candle has finished burning you have a pretty, reusable container! It can be used as a vase, a pencil cup, or more!

We've updated the listings and look of our shop to have a centralized Fragrance Page. You can find all of our current Available Fragrances here!

Last but not least, we've expanded where you can find our candles!

Conworld's Emporium had their grand opening on Saturday, March 19th! We're proud to have our candles join their shelves among dragons and dragon eggs. You can find their facebook page here: They're located in Tarpon Springs at:

9 S. Safford Ave Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

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