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New Candle Collection (Teaser)!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Art by Kommissar-Krok on Deviant Art

The Monster Menagerie Collection


We are very excited to announce that we will be releasing a new candle collection soon! This collection will begin with 6 candle tins, all themed around various mythical creatures found throughout the globe. Each creature will have it's own scent, it's own mica or glitter dusting, and the candles will be a little less expensive than our Explorer Collection as these are not gemstone candles. Not to say that you cannot get gems with these candles! As part of the release we will be adding a Gemstone add on option under our candle listings! We will be offering them individually, and potentially as a set. This is a collection that will continue to grow as time goes on. We have a lot of exciting plans and are already thinking up new creatures to add to the collection! That being said, we may even take suggestions on creatures to add too! If you have creature ideas please leave a comment and you may see them added to the collection in time. ;D Until then, here is a peek at the concept artwork that Kommisar-Krok is doing for our labels! The first six creatures are as follows:


A sweet, intoxicating blend of forest flowers, fruit, musk, and spun sugar. With notes of geranium, ambers, lilac, and rich berry, paired with the aroma of cotton candy this candle will take you to an enchanted moonlit glade where you could perhaps catch a glimpse of the elusive Unicorn said to reside there.


A masculine blend of black coral and moss, amber, woody notes, and sweet, intoxicating sea mist combine to create the mythical Kraken. Brought forth from the depths to toy with ships and latch on to the hearts of those who dare to bring this sensual candle home.


Whimsical, woody, and floral. Dryad is a curious mix of wood notes, lily, rose, pine, bergamot, amber, cinnamon, pecan, and berries. It's akin to a woodland picnic in spring, surrounded by tall evergreens with a floral clearing just in view and a nice warm pie on the blanket to share with your sweetheart.


Griffon's are said to be protectors of gold and treasure, but this one seems to think citrus is just as good as gold. Griffon is a citrusy blend of green tea and lemongrass, golden rose (to be replaced with wild rose once stock runs out), and fig tree. The citrus notes stand out the most, with warm, sensual floral and berry notes underneath. It's like a fresh baked lemon bar, paired with a mellow tea, with a bouquet of flowers sitting on your kitchen counter.

Dragon (Fire):

This dragon loves cozying up to a bonfire with a nice book to read when it isn't tormenting the residents at Shadowlight Castle. A smoky blend of fireside, sandalwood, and sweet dragons blood will leave you wanting to storm the tower just to get another whiff of this curious and rich arcane blend. We think this scent is perfect for setting the mood in a game of D&D!


These gorgeous golden creatures are said to revive from ash and fire and there are tales that phoenix feathers and tears can even bring back the dead. A spicy blend of sweet orange and sriracha, red ginger saffron, and suede and smoke will leave you coming back again and again, reviving your home with this phoenix's flame.

We love ya'll and can't wait to release these! We plan to release Griffon on 6/25/2021, and will hopefully be releasing a new creature in the collection every other week after that. This is a tentative schedule that may change. Until then, take a glance at our other wares! We have a lot to offer and we even do custom orders!

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