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Monster Menagerie Updates

Art by Kommissar-Krok on Deviant Art

The Monster Menagerie Collection


Thank you to everyone who has been keeping up to date on our Monster Menagerie Collection! We are ahead of schedule thanks to our artist, Kommissar-Krok working diligently to finish the artwork for our labels!

So far we have three out of the original six completed and released in the 4 ounce sizes. These are Griffon, Unicorn, and Dragon! Each has their own unique description and scent associated with them, as well as coloration to match the theme of the candles. Our next tentative release is Phoenix! This candle will be a spicy orange fragrance and is among one of my favorites (aside from a mystery release that we are also working on *wink wink*)! Our next soft release date is scheduled for 8/6/2021 to give our artist a little break after getting so many labels done so quickly and also to give us time to craft the next candle to be released.

We also wanted to thank you all so much for the first sell out of Unicorn! Our candles are typically made in small batches of 4, but we've been trying to increase inventory and have been pouring slightly bigger batches to keep up with demand. We love all of you for the support and look forward to bringing you all more cool candles! What are some monsters you want added to the Monster Menagerie collection? Let us know, and we might be able to whip something up~ <3

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