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Moving into the workshop!

Happy Tuesday little owlets! If you've been keeping up with some of our social media accounts you would know that we have been hard at work on crafting a new workshop space for our small business. This workshop is a brand new shed that we have converted and run electricity out to to make production much easier. We've insulated it, drywalled it, painted it, laid flooring inside, and have finally begun moving items into the shop!

With any luck we will be able to resume normal production soon, and the added storage will allow us to keep more stock on hand so we can fill orders faster!

You can check out the whole shed tour on our latest tiktok video here:

And if you would like to check out more of our social links you can peek at our linktree!

We would like to thank everyone to staying patient with us as we've been working on the shed. We would also like to thank you all for all of the kind words and support we've received as we've shared our progress. Have a wonderful week, and treat yourselves to something nice!

Safe Adventuring,

Damon Phelps

Shadowflame Creations

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