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Summertime Releases!

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

- Photos of some of the items included in the upcoming candle-making kits.

Happy friday everyone! It's officially summer time which means things are beginning to warm up! For a lot of people this is prime vacation time, but we know things have been difficult this year between Covid and everything else that has happened. We're here to help you through with a wide range of scents, and some exciting up and coming projects that we hope to release soon!

Proposed Release # 1

The first project that we hope to be releasing products for soon is hand dipped incense! We will likely begin offering incense in our specialty fragrances first, such as the fragrances from our explorer line (Stargazer, Sandstrider, Springseeker, and Swashbuckler) - as well as fragrances from our Monster Menagerie line (Griffon and Unicorn as they are the ones currently released!). We are still in the R&D phases of this project and are working on the best way to provide these to our customers but we should be able to begin listing these soon!

Proposed Release # 2

DIY Candle Kits!

This has been a project in the works for a while, and we're nearly to the point where we can begin rolling them out. The design will be relatively simple to begin with but if these become popular we may start working on making them a little fancier! These kits will have everything you need to make a set of 4 candles to either keep or give away to friends. This includes the pouring pitchers, thermometer, wax, fragrance, wicks, stickers to hold the wicks in place, tins to pour the wax into, popsicle sticks to hold the wick steady, labels for the lids, and an instruction booklet to explain how to make the candles. These will not contain candle dye, so the candles will be a smooth, creamy white in color. With these, we will also offer refill kits! So you can do the project again but with different fragrances. :) The kits will be $50.00 plus shipping with the refill kits being less expensive as they will not contain the pour pitcher or thermometer. We are still working out the details for the refill kits currently and may offer a few different types of refill kits. Which of these kits are you most excited for? Leave a comment below, and we can see if we can release those first! Love you all. Stay safe, and be kind. Damon Phelps Shadowlight Creations LLC

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