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Updates + Monthly Subscriptions

Happy Thursday! It's been a while since we've done a blog post and we finally have a few new things to showcase!

The Blue Bonnet Faery Collection has recently been released, and there are more faery candles planned! So far we have Florina Faery

Florina is a scrumptious blend of Strawberry Cheesecake and Cinnamon Vanilla, making for a strawberry cinnamon roll fragrance.

Bristol Faery

Bristol is a sweet, tart, berry blend of Black Raspberry Vanilla and Green Tea and Lemongrass.

All of our faery candles will come with a coloring page, and the coloring pages can be downloaded directly on each faery's listing!

In addition to the faery collections, we have recently added Monthly Subscription options! We've themed our subscriptions around owls to fit with our brand! We will be adding one more for stickers soon, and this subscription will be called "Eggies"!

Every month the fragrances and other offerings for our subscriptions will change!

Hatchling Wax Melts for this month:

2 Rose Petal Gelato

2 Garden Mint

2 Black Coral & Moss

2 Hibiscus Palm

2 Bristol

2 Jasmine Honeysuckle

Nestling Candle of the month:

Bristol - Coloring Page Included!

Fledgling Candles for the month:

Florina Faery - Strawberry Cinnamon Roll Scented

Kraken - Sea Mist, Black Coral and Moss, and Amber & Driftwood

Bristol Faery - Black Raspberry Lemongrass Scented

Griffon - Green Tea & Lemongrass, Fig Tree, and Golden/Wild Rose (It smells like a sweet lemon bar~!)

While we do not have the stickers up yet, each subscription will contain the sticker of the month. For this month, the sticker is of our Fly Agaric Watercolor Painting!

We will be doing a blog post every month to update the current fragrances for subscriptions, as well as updating the listings. Thank you all!

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