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Artemis - Greek Deity of The Hunt


4 oz Soy Candle
10-14 Hour Average Burn Time


Artemis is know as the Greek Goddess of The Hunt, Wild Animals, The Moon, Vegetation, Chastity, and Childbirth. She is the daughter of Zeus of Leto and her twin brother is Apollo. Among rural ancient Greece, Artemis was one of the most popular deities to be worshipped. She was often portrayed as dancing through the wilderness with nymphs in mountains, forests, and marshes. 


Artemis' symbols include the bow and arrow, a quiver, hunting knives, deer, the moon, and cypress. Her sacred flower is red amaranth, and she is also sometimes depicted as carrying a lit torch. The colors most frequently associated with Artemis are white, silver, green, and turquoise. We honored these symbols by making her candle a silvery gray with touches of green and golden mica on top. Her image portrays her with deer antlers and doe eyes, holding a crescent moon orb with a red snake around her arms. 


Her candle fragrance is a blend of sweet smoked lavender, pecan, fruits, cinnamon, spice, cypress, pine, earth, cedar, with intermingling notes of crisp decayed leaves. The cold throw is sweeter than the hot throw on this candle. Once warm, more of the earthy, woody notes come through. 


Lavender Embers - Lavender, Sage, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Smoke, Patchouli, Cedar
Rosemary Sage - Eucalyptus, Pine, Rosemary, Green Floral, Sage, Cedar
Woods and Earth - Cinnamon, Clove, Floral, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Vanilla
Cypress and Bayberry - Eucalyptus, Cypress, Moss, Bayberry, Fir, Incense, Patchouli
Moonflower Nectar - Pear, Agave, Rose, Marine, Cherry Blossom, Powder, Dark Musk, Amber
Redwoods and Moss - Pine, Embers, Clove, Earth, Cedar, Moss
Sage and Cypress - Bergamot, Spruce, Cypress, Sage, Palo Santo, Patchouli, Dark Musk, Smoke
Warm Leather and Spice - Bergamot, Grapefruit, Saffron, Red Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Elemi, Worn Leather, Tobacco, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Musk
Amethyst Aura - Metallic, Rhubarb, Lemon, Ozone Notes, Black Currant, Geranium, Rose, Cardamom, Tobacco Bark, Hemp, Vetiver, Cedar, Pinon, Wood Smoke
Fallen Leaves - Cinnamon, Citrus, Chrysanthemum, Berry, Green Leaves, Apple, Pecan, Cedar
White Oak and Vanilla - Oak, Leather, Patchouli, Smoke, Vanilla, Whiskey, Palm, Aloe


Artemis - Greek Deity of The Hunt

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  • All of our candles are made with 100% Soy Wax. We use fragrances that are carcinogen and phthalate free. Our wicks are cotton and paper core. 

    A portion of the profits is donated to Ziggy's Haven Parrot Sanctuary. 

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