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4 oz Soy Candle10-14 Hour Average Burn Time


Through the underbrush you are able to hear the lilting notes of a hand harp being played. You approach slowly, peeking through the dense vines and moving them aside to catch a glimpse of our delicate dryad. Sitting atop a large mushroom, her wooden limbs work nimbly over the harp strings, giggling with joy as she catches you peeking through. She beckons you close to join in, offering a nearby mushroom as a seat.


Dryads are a nymph or a nature spirit that live within the trees. They are usually portrayed as female, and were originally localized to only oak trees. Today, Dryad is a term that has been applied to all types of tree nymphs. These creatures are considered to be shy unless they were within the presence of Artemis who is depicted as a friend to most nymphs.


This candle is scented with a warm, sweet, woody blend of cedar, cinnamon, pecan, and light floral notes to represent our delicate dryad. Subtle woody cedar and camphor blends with warm and sweet cinnamon and pecan. Hints of rose and lily of the valley mingle together with soft undertones of amber, musk, and moss.



Cedarwood Blanc: Cedar, Amber, Bergamot, Benzoin, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Camphor (contains Eucalyptus oil)

Fallen Leaves: Pecan, Cinnamon, Cedar, Citrus, Chrysanthemum, Apple, Berry, Green Leaves

Rain Water: Lily of the Valley, Rose, Green Leaves, Ozone, Sandalwood


The Monster Menagerie Collection features candles made using 100% soy wax, cotton, and paper core wicks, and eco-friendly, carcinogen free fragrances. They are poured in reusable metal tins and are chock full of biodegradable and eco-friendly holo and glitter. Each candle in the collection is based off of different mythical creatures or supernatural beings.


The wicks will be trimmed down to 1/4" to be ready to light right out of the box. Burn instructions will also be included.


$9.00 Regular Price
$7.20Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • The Monster Menagerie Collection can be bought as a set or individually. This listing is for Dryad by itself.

    All of our candles are made with 100% Soy Wax. We use fragrances that are carcinogen and phthalate free. Our wicks are cotton and paper core. 

    A portion of the profits is donated to Ziggy's Haven Parrot Sanctuary. 

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