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Votive Candles with herbs to promote love, companionship, and a sense of selt-worth, scented with Macintosh apple.


For millennia, the use of candle magic and color magic has been employed by nearly every culture. Whether the purpose was for prayer, to honor a passed on loved one, or to invoke the proper energies for a spell, candles have been a staple of every type of magic across the globe. Many cultures of witches, healers, shamans, sorcerers, and medicine men still actively use these kinds of magic today.


At Shadowflame Creation, we have personally selected the optimum colors, fragrances, magical herbs, and even the day of the week, to hand craft the perfect spell candle.


All of our spell candles are made from 100% Soy Wax and use all natural cotton and paper core wicks to promote a slow, even burn. The fragrances used in our candles are carcinogen and phthalate free fragrance oils, and have been personally selected for the proper spells. All herbs used in our spell candles have been organically grown, harvested, and dried by shop members and non-shop members who practice the Craft, and all have been carefully selected for the highest efficacy.


For maximum potency and effectiveness, all herbs and all candle making processes for this spell candle occur only on Friday to honor the Goddess Freya and the planet Venus. Furthermore, all colors and fragrances used have been selected to promote love, attraction, companionship, and self-love.


The Goddess Freya rules over the planet Venus and empowers women and men alike with their beauty and femininity. Friday is Freya's day and therefore, this spell is most effective on Fridays, and is the day that we suggest it be burned for maximum potency,

Our spell candle has been charged with the proper intent and all herbs have been chosen to exclude the effect of lust. We still suggest that you charge it with yours to increase effectiveness for you personally.


++ As this candle is only made on Fridays, supplies may be limited so please try to order in advance. This way your product will be delivered to you sooner rather than later.


Ingredients: soy wax, cotton and paper core wick, color oil, Macintosh apple fragrance, dragons blood resin, red clover flower, quassia, cubeb berries, clove, catnip, verbena, spearmint, lovage root, raspberry leaves

Love Spell Ritual Votives

PriceFrom $3.50
Excluding Sales Tax
  • These candles are only made on Friday. Please plan accordingly to avoid delays in shipment. 

    These candles are made using only 100% soy wax, and fragrance oils that are free of other harmful ingredients. They are phthalate free, free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance. We can also do uncolored and unscented! We do not use UV blockers, vybar, or any other stabilizers in our candles. They are bare bones, rustic, and hand made in small batches.  The herbs are sourced from local metaphysical shops or from our own garden. 


    Ingredients: Soy Wax, Cotton & Paper Core Wick, Moon Lake Musk Fragrance, Bay Leaf, Myrrh, Wormwood, Galangal, White Willow, Eyebright, Gotu Kola, Uva Ursi, Purple Colorant

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