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4 oz Soy Candle

10-14 Hour Average Burn Time


This listing is for Swashbuckler from The Explorer Collection.


Come sail the high seas in search of bounties and loot with our Swashbuckler candle! Everyone who has smelled it picks up on different things from whiskey, leather and smoke, and ocean sea breeze. Smelling it takes you on an adventure on the high seas and rightfully so! The dark brown color is meant to resemble ship planking. It's dusted in goldfinger mica and chock full of emerald, turquoise, yellow topaz, moss agate, blue topaz, tigers eye, and a hidden signature stone. The fragrance is a mix of Caribbean teakwood, amber & driftwood, fireside, whiskey, sea mist, red ginger saffron, library, suede & smoke, and vertiver.


The Explorer Collection features four candles made using 100% soy wax, cotton and paper core wicks, and eco friendly, carcinogen free fragrances. They are poured in reusable metal tins and are chock full of pretty gemstones for you to keep once the candle has finished burning. Each candle will have one sizable signature stone that changes with every batch. They will have an identifying sticker to show what stone is inside when they arrive.


The Explorer Collections were created during a period of quarentine when Covid-19 was new to the US. It was created to be like a mini expedition while most people were stuck at home. I also wanted it to be safe for birds, because we own birds and other animals. We also source our gems for these candles from a local rock shop and try to ensure that our raw materials come from US owned and operated locations.



The wicks will be trimmed down to 1/4" to be ready to light right out of the box. Burn instructions will also be included.  


$10.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • The Explorer Collection can be bought as a set or individually. This listing is for Swashbuckler by itself.

    All of our candles are made with 100% Soy Wax. We use fragrances that are carcinogen and phthalate free. Our wicks are cotton and paper core. The gemstones in these candles are purchased from Gail's Rock Shop, a business that is local to us. 

    A portion of the profits is donated to Ziggy's Haven Parrot Sanctuary. 

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