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Apollo - Greek God of the Sun and Arts


4 oz Soy Candle
10-14 Hour Average Burn Time


Apollo filled several roles within Greek mythology. He was considered to be the god of the sun, as well as the god of music, poetry, healing and plagues, prophecy, archery, agriculture, and many more. He is often depicted with a lyre or a bow in his hands. Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto and has many siblings and half-siblings. 


Apollo was loved by both men and women, and loved them back. His partners included Coronis, Daphne, Cyparissus, and Hyacinthus to name a few. Oftentimes, when a relationship with Apollo did not end well, the lover was transformed into a plant. Daphne was transformed into a laurel, Cyparissus was transformed into a cypress tree, and Hyacinthus after being mortally wounded was transformed into a hyacinth flower.


We focused on the sun aspect, and some of the plant aspects of Apollo’s lore when crafting this fragrance. It is a citrusy and bright fragrance with notes of apricot, orange, mango, floral, and a touch of green and woody notes. Medusa’s Elixir was also chosen due to the fact that most temples of gods depict Medusa as an unsightly gorgon, while Apollo’s temples still depict her as a beautiful woman with her gorgon features. 


Apricot Grove - Pear, Nectarine, Apricot, Patchouli

Sunflower - Orange Blossom, Melon, Mandarin, Peach, Bergamot, Brazilian Rosewood, Cyclamen, Osmathus, Orris Root, Rose, Sandalwood, Musk, Oakmoss, Cedar

Medusas Elixir - Lemon Zest, Nutmeg, Orange Zest, Red Fruits, Caramel Apple, Whipped Vanilla, Sugar Crystals

Sun Shower - Lemon, Orange, Apple, Jasmine, Musk

Persimmon Citron - Peach, Persimmon, Tangerine, Red Currant, Clove, Bamboo, Citron, Eucalyptus 

Hibiscus Palm - Green Floral, Green Leaves, Powder, Violet, Honeydew Melon, Lime, Agave

Mint Mojito - Lime, Mint, Pineapple, Rum

Green Tea Lemongrass - Green Tea, Lemongrass, Ozone

Red Ginger Saffron - Ginger, Saffron, Amber

Redwood and Cedar - Cedar, Redwood, Raspberry, Tonka, Vanilla, Apple, Coconut

Apollo - Greek Deity of the Sun and Arts

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  • All of our candles are made with 100% Soy Wax. We use fragrances that are carcinogen and phthalate free. Our wicks are cotton and paper core. 

    A portion of the profits is donated to Ziggy's Haven Parrot Sanctuary. 

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